Best Albums of August 2015

This month’s list is a mix of virtually unknown newcomers and established veterans. This month I also try making jokes.
  1. Destroyer – Poison Season                                                        

AOTY probably.

Genre: rogue saxophone-wave/Time Square-core

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2.  Marco Vella – Shadow Mountain                  

A gorgeous, lean seven track debut from this random dude named Marco. Shadow Mountain is easily the biggest surprise of the month, if not the entire summer. It’s just as suited for ambient, night driving as it is a soundtrack to a How’s It Made episode about desk chair factories.

Genre: Electronic/ambient/post-adderall

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3. Beach House – Depression Cherry

More of the same from our favourite dream pop team, but is that such bad thing?

Genre – No shirt, no shoes, no problem

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4. LUWUM – Places Worn                                 

I haven’t heard a DIY, bedroom pop bandcamp artist with this much potential since Alex G, and that’s the highest of praise. This debut gets extra pointst for putting the bedroom back in bedroom pop since it was literally recorded in his living quarters.

Genre – lo-fi/DIY pop

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