New Mac DeMarco album cover to double as Marlboro advertisement

BROOKLYN –– Captured Tracks spokesman Leslie Hardy announced early Sunday morning that “slacker rocker” Mac DeMarco’s next album cover would double as an advertisement for Marlboro Reds. This will be the musicians fifth studio album with the indie label.


The album cover, which depicts DeMarco sitting on a large cigarette, also shows him smoking.

“We’re really excited about the money this will bring Mac and the label, we’ll be able to buy, like, five or six new ping pong tables for the office – at least” says Hardy.

When asked why he would endorse the tobacco giant, Mac DeMarco responded that they “pay better than Viceroy”, who allegedly only paid him in single-serving bags of preprepared salad.

“That’s how I got the name for my third album,” says DeMarco. “It was all I was eating at the time.”

It’s unclear how this sponsorship will affect the musician’s young fanbase, who already have enough trouble affording cheap cigarettes.

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