The best albums of October & November 2015

So, if we’re being honest, I didn’t do a best-of list for October not because there weren’t any good albums (October was bonkers), but because I plum forgot. Luckily, since November was disappointing album-wise, as the end of the year often is, I decided to combine the two months into one post. Enjoy.

Dråpe – Relax/Relapse

One of the best, most accessible pop albums of the year. Only one listen required to see the hype.

Favorite song: “Replica”


Alex G – Beach Songs 

Alex G does it again, nuff said.

Favorite song – “Brite Boy”


Neon Indian – Vega Intl. Night School

I’ll admit I was skeptic. My first listen through, all I could think was how much the album sounded like Toro Y Moi’s disappointing third LP, which was just a rehashing of disco but with more reverb. Now this sounds like Neon Indian rehashing and Chazwick’s rehash. But it’s not. It’s soulful, terribly charming, and can stand in its own right as a banger of a record if you ignore its complete lack of innovation.

Favorite songs: News from a Sun (live bootleg)


Macross 82-99 – CHAM!

Die-hard futurefunk and vaporwave fans might not like where Macross, futurefunk’s most talented and prolific producer, has gone with his newest effort. There will be those that are sad he’s drifting away from funking up old japanese disco deep cuts. But they’re wrong. With CHAM! he manages to strike the perfect balance between delivering atypical, futurefunk bangers for his old fans, and branching into exciting, newer hip hop-influenced sounds.

Favorite song: “I Miss You (feat. Roman)”


Krts – Close Eyes to Exit

A thumping fever dream of gorgeous beeps and bloops with the odd hip hop feature. It’s quiet and loud and goes 100mph. You’ll fall asleep listening to it and then wake up with your shirt soaked with sweat and gasping, “what the hell is this music?”

Favorite song: “Come to this”


Protomartyr – The Agent Intellect

“Man, I really liked ‘Beautiful Blue Sky’ from Ought’s new album, but I sure wish the album as the whole was better. If only there were another, similar post-punk band that rock even harder.”

Favorite Song: “The Devil in his Youth”


Honorable Mentions

Sea Ghost – SG
Car Seat Headrest – Teens of Style
Violent Mae – Kid
Blessed Feather – There Will Be No Sad Tomorrow
U.S. Girls – Half Free
Kyle – Smyle
Deerhunter – Fading Frontier



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