5 best overlooked albums of 2015 (so far)

Written by: Gianluca Pezzuti

There are tons of virtually unknown artists that released great albums in the first half of 2015. Here are five.

Honorable Mentions: Travis Bretzer – Waxing Romantic; Motorama – Poverty; Juan Wauters – Who Me?

5. Cotillon – Cotillon

Jordan Corso, frontman of Cotillon, describes the band’s sound as “flower punk”. That’s stupid. This is good sad music for good sad feelings.

Best songs: ‘Gloom’, ‘Lyman’, ‘Convenience’

You might like Cotillon if you like: Gorgeous Bully; The Dang Dangs

4. No Vacation – Amo XO amo xo

You could roll your eyes at No Vacation. Their first single was called ‘Beach Bummer’ and they describe themselves as ‘post tropical sadcore’. You could roll your eyes but it would be a mistake. The indie pop duo started as a dorm room collaboration at university in San Francisco and just released their debut mixtape, ‘Amo XO’. Musically beyond their years but emotionally age-appropriate, they sing about teenage problems like laundry day with the sincerity only actual teenagers can muster.

Best Songs: ‘Beach Bummer’, ‘Laundry Day’, ‘Late Morning Brekkie’

You might like No Vacation if you like: The Drums; Best Coast

3. Drug Cabin – Yard Work 

Drug Cabin took a three year break after their initial well-received EP in 2012 to take peyote with some West Virginia moonshiners. Maybe they didn’t but there’s not proof they didn’t.

Best songs: ‘Baywatch’, ‘California’, ‘Powedermoon’

You might like Drug Cabin if you like: Crack House

2. Charlie Brand – Monsoons

Monsoons is nothing like the over the top saccharine melodies Charlie Brand helped create with Miniature Tigers. It’s sweet, gentle songwriting with the occasional spaceship noise thrown in for good measure.

Best songs: ‘New Highs/New Lows’, ‘Kool Aid’, ‘Baby Blue Motorcycle’

You might like Charlie Brand if you like: ‘Miniature Tigers’

1. Evans the Death – Expect Delays


As the album art shows, Expect Delays is all about deer jump kicking other deer. Or are those greyhounds?

Anyway, this is a good record.

Best songs: ‘Bad Year’, ‘Shanty’, ‘Sledgehammer’

You might like Evans the Death if you like: Standard Fare; Veronica Falls.

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